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Physical oceanography, wave propagation, ‪coastal dynamics, marine technologies, operational oceanography and sustainability, HF radar.
Physical oceanography, transport and mixing processes, Lagrangian dynamics, biophysical interactions, remote sensing signal processing.
Lagrangian transport in the ocean and atmosphere, marine litter dynamics and
Lagrangian transport in the ocean, ocean turbulence, nonlinear dynamics, ecological modeling.
Statistical Physics, nonlinear phenomena and complex systems, fluid transport, biological modelling and oceanic processes.
Network theory, Lagrangian oceanography, theoretical ecology and marine population dynamics.
Physical oceanography, observation and data, operational oceanography, transport processes and biophysical interactions, marine technologies, HF radar.
Observation and data, marine technologies, marine litter modelling and monitoring.
Marine litter, efficient use of resources, marine technologies, sustainable fishing technologies, maritime transport.
PhD student, physical oceanography, observation and data, operational oceanography, HF radar
Operational oceanography systems, observations and modelling, operational oceanography, marine technologies.