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Lagrangian transport of marine litter and microplastics in coastal waters:


Modeling, scale dependence and descriptors of frontal flows.

SP1 will provide fully detailed numerical and statistical information on the 3-dimensional structure of ocean currents at three different scales, the meso, the submeso and the Langmuir-cell scales, focusing on the effect of wind-waves on the submesoscale currents.
SP1 will also assess the role of the small-scale frontal dynamics in the 3d distribution of the macro and meso/micro litter.


Structures of transport and connectivity patterns

SP2 will provide a full 3d characterization of the structures of transport at meso- and submeso-scales. SP2 will also address the impact of the 3d transport template and connectivity patterns on the amount and distribution of both buoyant and sinking microplastics. The application of machine-learning techniques to forecast trajectories of marine tracers will also be addressed closely with SP1.


Observation and monitoring in the Bay of Biscay and Balearic sea coastal areas.

SP3 will focus on in-situ sampling aimed at characterizing the composition, spatial distribution, frequency, lifetime, origin, and factors/physical processes conditioning the macro- and meso/micro- litter accumulations along frontal areas at different spatiotemporal scales.